Marketing, Rent a CMO

Do you need capacity and know-how (strategy, leadership, processes) in marketing or communication?

With rent a marketeer/rent a CMO/marketing ad interim concept, you have marketing know-how available exactly when you need it. Project-related for a certain period of time or with a certain workload on a permanent basis. As if you had hired someone.

Extensive knowledge, completely flexible

With an independent view from the outside and for the whole, I work as an external CMO for your organisation/company on a strategic and creative level, analyse strategy and processes, manage projects for you or become a member of a project team – depending on the task at hand. It does not matter how big your organization is. This gives you access to marketing know-how at the cutting edge and allows you to stay flexible in terms of capacity and costs.

Also permanently possible in a fixed workload

You are a start-up, your company is growing or you simply don’t want to grow beyond a certain size? This means that your company is not (yet) designed to finance a 100% marketing position?

I’m looking forward to that, too. To do marketing with foresight and strategic intuition. I will discuss with you what workload makes sense from my experience for your company with your individual goals and possibilities. Then you can, for example, draw on all my know-how and experience in a 30% workload. Completely modular, you decide which know-how you need most urgently. At a fraction of the costs you would spend with a full-time position. You remain flexible in terms of capacity and costs.

Second Opinion

Have you developed a marketing strategy in-house? Or with another service provider? And do you want me to deal with it, file on details, concentrate and, if necessary, correct it? I am looking forward to a partnership-based exchange and joint success.

A network of years of experience

When you hire me, you don’t just rely on my expertise. But also to that of my network. I know who can complete which tasks on a specific topic the fastest and best. I can estimate costs and time requirements and also purchase additional services for you.

Contact me – I am looking forward.